Interseller updates
Interseller updates

Create default values for sequence custom fields




You can now add default values for sequence custom fields that auto-populate in the contact record as new contacts are added.

set default custom field values.gif

Greenhouse updates




We've made some new updates to our Greenhouse integration. Check them out below!

  • We've added "Pools and Stages" as a sync option so you can now sync contacts into specific stages within pools at the account or sequence level, along with the job.
  • The prospect owner will automatically be assigned when contacts are added into Greenhouse.

GH updates - prospect owner and pools & stages.gif

Clone integration settings




Owners and managers can now clone their integration settings to other teammates with the same CRM/ATS connected to seamlessly duplicate the same integration settings.

clone integration settings.gif

Report incorrect email address found from Chrome extension




Incorrect emails found through the Chrome extension can now be reported from the lookup window or within the contact record in email sequences. When an incorrect email is reported, our data team will be notified to investigate the issue.

As a note, this option will only appear for emails found through the Chrome extension within the past 2 years.

incorrect email v3.gif

Complete manual tasks and send email steps within the same day




You can now set up a sequence to complete a manual task and send an email step within the same day. You can visit our guide here to learn more about setting this feature up.


Set replied status for bounced contacts




If a contact bounces in your sequence and replies to you outside of Interseller, you can now assign a reply type to their contact status. You can check out our guide here to learn more.

Interseller Screenshot (10-22 - 2021) 2@2x.png

View CSV export activity




We've added a Logs tab within the Team Settings so owners and managers can view the entire team's CSV export activity. You can learn more about this feature in our guide here.

Interseller Screenshot (10-22 - 2021)@2x.png

Re-subscribe and export contact settings are now under Data Settings




You'll notice we created a new Data Settings section in Interseller, allowing you to re-subscribe unsubscribed contacts from the Contacts tab and export bounced and unsubscribed contacts from the Exports tab.

Note: These were originally located in Team Safety Settings.

Multi-select manual tasks to pause/skip





You can now select multiple manual tasks to pause or skip instead of pausing/skipping each individual task in the Tasks dashboard. Check out our guide here to learn more about this feature.

pause:skip manual tasks in bulk.gif

Chrome extension updates





We're excited to share some new changes we've made to our newly redesigned Chrome extension. Check them out below!

  • In our new redesign, if Interseller finds multiple emails, you can choose one from the drop-down menu and hover over the highlighted information to see if the email has been verified, exists in another sequence, and much more.
  • Sequences are now split into "All" and "My Sequences" so you can easily navigate to the right sequence without digging to find it and add contacts to just your or a teammate's sequence.
  • It's now a more seamless experience to personalize your email messages to contacts while on their profile. You can choose to customize the first message or all the messages.

As a note, these changes have already been rolled out. If you're not seeing this update yet, please be sure to restart your Chrome browser to see the new interface. 

Chrome Ext Redesign v7.png