Interseller updates
Interseller updates

Updated Privacy settings




We've updated our Privacy settings with some new features to help teams remain compliant with privacy regulations. Check them out below:

  • Auto anonymizing contacts - Auto anonymizing contacts will automatically remove a contact's information if they haven't responded within 30 days of being added to a sequence. This includes information such as their name, photo, email, and LinkedIn profile.
  • GDPR Warning - When the GDPR Warning feature is enabled, a GDPR contact error will appear for contacts located within a GDPR country. The GDPR error will need to be cleared before messaging the contact. If a contact doesn't have a location listed at the time of creation or the location is added later, the GDPR warning will not appear for the contact.
  • Email disclosure message - You can add an email disclosure or confidentiality notice to the bottom of every email sent from Interseller. When this feature is enabled, it will be applied to each user's account and cannot be disabled for specific users, sequences, or email steps.

You can learn more about each of these features in our guide here. As a note, these settings can only be adjusted by owners and managers on the team.